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Legal Disclaimer

CAP is an open internet service that provides an activity and transaction history all assets (Token/NFTs/etc...) on the Internet Computer can integrate to.

CAP is provided β€œas is”, and utilized at your own risk and responsibility without warranties. Despite CAP having been developed by Fleek LLC, the project is thought to be a community collaboration project, using open technologies and protocols (Internet Computer and CAP, for example) as the backbone of its functionalities.

Therefore before utilizing this service you should review its documentation carefully to fully understand its functioning and the risks that could entail the usage of a service built on open protocols on an autonomous blockchain network (the Internet Computer).

No individual, entity, developer (internal to the founding team, or from the CAP community), or CAP itself will be considered liable for any damages or claims related to the usage, interaction, or lack of functioning associated with CAP, its interfaces, or websites. This includes loss of profits, assets of any value, or indirect, incidental, direct, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages. The same applies to the usage of CAP through third-party interfaces or applications that integrate/surface it. It is your responsibility to manage the risk of your activities and usage on said platforms.